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What is Divine Healing?
Let me tell you what it is not – It is NOT me healing you. Divine Healing is a transmission of God's Love, Grace and Healing Energies through prayer. This Divine Energy connects with your Inner Holiness, your God Presence Within, to activate your self healing. 

Your Inner Holiness orchestrates this healing. Ego’s choice is secondary. Your Inner Holiness knows what needs to be healed and in what order. We may have our desires, and those can be expressed, but "God's Will be done".

It is not necessary for the person receiving the session to understand or "believe in" Divine Healing to feel the benefits - just do not actively block it out. It is based on a heart-centered caring relationship in which you and I come together in prayer to facilitate your health and healing. My eye contact assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to clear blocks, energize and balance the energy flow. This assists your natural restorative process. During this time, I ask that you, my partner, silently focus on gratitude. ("In all created things discern the providence of wisdom of God, and in all things give Him thanks." - Saint Teresa of Avila). The actual transmission of the Healing Energies from my eyes to you takes only one to two minutes. (Yes, it really is that quick!)

There are many healing and energy therapy techniques or modalities. I am an intuitive energetic healer dedicated to Divine Order.  The Spirit of Christ Consciousness is now flowing from my eyes so healing may occur. I am a grateful Servant – a conduit for God’s Love, Grace and Healing energies. I “get out of the way and allow” during prayer. There is an old saying – “Let Go and Let God”. It is really that simple. 

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit With Heart
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