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I am honored and very grateful for Judith.

Exactly 1 month ago, I was in a deep dark black depression and very angry at myself about where I worked and my relationship. I felt under appreciated and unloved. I felt like a huge nobody.

For the past 3 years, I've consistently searched for ways to improve my life. I have tried several different types of therapies - inner child, subconscious programming and the typical therapy. I've read several self help books which do promote self-awareness. Different types of Meditations and Hypnosis. Bought different programs from Joe Vitale, Dr. Robert Anthony and John Assaraf. I even moved away to change my life only to come back 6 months later to the same toxic workplace and boyfriend!

So depression came even easier and darker than ever.

Then I met Judith. And the day she did a remote energy session on me I amicably parted with my boyfriend of 5 years. I wasn't afraid of being without him and I wasn't afraid to sleep at my apartment alone. The next day I gave notice at my job. I realized that morning that I was working amongst people that didn't have dreams anymore and feared doing anything different; that my boss hired people he could walk on and yell at. I had fit right in and I was miserable along with everyone else.

I realized that I deserved much better. And that I have much more potential than just settling or being in fear all day. I stopped believing in what others thought or said or defined who I was and I BELIEVED IN MYSELF.

Today- I work for myself. The sun rises and it's a new day filled with opportunities. I know I'll make mistakes and I might hit set backs but I'm going to live my life by honoring myself.

Jennifer M.
Testimonials from Jennifer and Lucky
My Cat Lucky

Lucky is a beautiful and loving 8-year-old orange tabby. He recently developed a skin issue around his ears. He had scratched the hair, skin and scabs right off the front/back side of his ears. He's been to the vet 4 times now. He's had 2 separate steroid shots, 1 antibacterial shot and a special parasite treatment.

By the 4th follow-up visit the vet STILL does not know what is causing this so she recommended another steroid shot and a scheduled biopsy where she said it will more than likely come up INCONCLUSIVE! Biopsies are painful for the animal since it's taking a small chunk of skin for further research. I walked out of there planning to take him to a cat dermatologist next.

My own remedy to protect him from himself was a small dog shirt, fighting him to clip his nails, itch relief ointment and an expensive prescription shampoo. This helped but also made him miserable. Poor little guy has been through a really tough month.

It's horrible to watch an animal hurt itself like this for weeks and not being able to soothe his pain. And frustrating that the vet doesn't have any answers. Luckily, Judith works on animals too! During our healing session with Judith, It was suggested that the skin issue was related to his food. He was very calm and content when I brought him home after their session. I have changed his food and continue to take pictures and shampoo him 1x a week.

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