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Clients' Feelings and Thoughts
Scott E.
My name is Scott. I am a “western medicine” believer and a skeptic of “energy healing”. I had never found any method that I had been exposed to that had any positive effects. I had Judith do “her thing” figuring that I had nothing to lose. My TMJ was bothering me and any help was appreciated. Remarkably, later that day, my jaw felt better, and the next day, even better. She has worked on me three times since, and my problem is gone. It does not make sense to my lifetime beliefs, but I figure “why ask why”? (I am willing to speak with anyone about my experiences - Just ask Judith for my phone number).
My 77-year-old mother has suffered from bladder and nerve related pain for the past 10 months. The only solution up until now has been daily pain management using prescription pain medication. Occasionally, she would go 1 or 2 days at most without pain. My mother had her first remote session with Judith in September 2012 and her pain subsided that evening and has not returned since. We are so excited with the results we are seeing with Judith’s work. She is an amazing healer.
Tami E.
My partner had open heart surgery at 21. He never went back to the doctor for any checkups for 9 years! I talked him into going after we started dating because of heart pains. He was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. As you know, this is not curable. Judith has been working on both of us for several months. We go to the cardiologist every 6 months. Our last checkup was a couple weeks ago. The doctor said he doesn’t understand it, but there is no sign of congenital heart disease! We fully credit Judith with this miraculous turnabout in Michael’s heart condition. 
Amy V.
I am honored and very grateful for Judith.

In September 2012, I was in a deep dark black depression and very angry at myself about where I worked and my relationship. I felt under appreciated and unloved. I felt like a huge nobody. For the past 3 years, I've consistently searched for ways to improve my life. I have tried several different types of therapies - inner child, subconscious programming and the typical therapy. I've read several self help books which do promote self-awareness. Different types of Meditations and Hypnosis. Bought different programs from Joe Vitale, Dr. Robert Anthony and John Assaraf. I even moved away to change my life only to come back 6 months later to the same toxic workplace and boyfriend! So depression came even easier and darker than ever.

Then I met Judith. And the day she did a remote energy session on me I amicably parted with my boyfriend of 5 years. I wasn't afraid of being without him and I wasn't afraid to sleep at my apartment alone. The next day I gave notice at my job. I realized that morning that I was working amongst people that didn't have dreams anymore and feared doing anything different; that my boss hired people he could walk on and yell at. I had fit right in and I was miserable along with everyone else. . . (click here to read more about Jennifer's transformation)

Jennifer M.
Vic P.
Excerpt from Vic's video testimonials:

In 2012, I had back surgery on my Lumbar 3 and 4, which was not successful. I could hardly walk, did not work for a year. I could not do anything. I then decided I had to look into something else. During this time, as I was in so much pain, my family doctor gave me 2000mg of Hydrocodone a day. I had to go back to work, had to use a cane, was limping and still had a lot of severe lower back pain.

I came over to Judith's healing room and we had a prayer session. She said it would take up to 4 days, but in 3 days, my pain had subsided so much I could function in a better manner than I could ever before. Then we had another prayer session. God seemed to work on my mental and emotional condition. I feel much better in all areas of life than I have ever felt before. Judith is a wonder to be able to do this, and has chosen to do this.

I am totally off Hydrocodone, I do not use a cane, have only normal aches for my age, and my mental and emotional state is clearer and better than ever."
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