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The first time Judith came to our home for a healing session she worked on my mother, daughter, son-in-law and me.

My mother has very painful knees every day, as well as balance issues. After her session with Judith she reported better balance when getting up and felt less pain in her knees the next morning. My daughter, Cheli, said the muscular pain in her lower right flank went away in the afternoon after the healing session. My son-in-law, Trey, said he just felt very good for the rest of the day after his session. I had a calm and peaceful disposition during the rest of the day and evening while spending time with my 3-year-old granddaughter. I love spending time with her, but sometimes when I am experiencing discomfort; it is more challenging to have patience with the nighttime games, etc, about going to bed. I also did not experience the normal back pain that I do when bathing her or putting her to bed. That was a pleasant experience!

When Judith was here the first time my granddaughter was not agreeable to laying on the table for a session, but today when Judith came back for healing sessions, she was very agreeable and was able to lay on the table with her eyes closed for several minutes. Children are very intuitive and it was unusual for this very active little girl to lay still for that long. She must have enjoyed it, too, because she asked Judith to do a healing session on her baby doll! Tonight, while talking about her day with her mother, she talked about how Judith helped Nanny's knees feel better and how she worked on Cindy and the baby, too. It was very sweet.  

I did not know what to expect when I came to see Judith as this was all new to me. I felt calmer, comforted and the next morning, my hip and elbows did not hurt me. What a pleasant surprise! I have also begun to take care of my personal affairs with grace and ease. Thanks.
Mike B.
I was recently bitten by a neighbor's dog, not only was it a surprise but also very painful. After I did the immediate care, I called Judith for healing. I became still at the agreed time for the session, and when I got up, the pain was gone. This morning I awoke still pain free and had very little swelling. Thank Divine Judith!.
Estrella K.
Vicki H.
Additional Client Feelings

Eileen N.
During these hard economic times, the demands of my job as a public school teacher are often intense and overwhelming. I was on the verge of quitting without having another job. That evening I had a healing session with Judith. The next day I was able to return to my job with clear focus and lightheartedness. A long-time co-worker noticed the difference. 
It's horrible to watch an animal hurt itself like this for weeks and not being able to soothe his pain. And frustrating that the vet doesn't have any answers. 

Luckily, Judith works on animals too! During our healing session with Judith, It was suggested that the skin issue was related to his food. He was very calm and content when I brought him home after their session. I have changed his food and continue to take pictures and shampoo him 1x a week. . . (click here to read more about Lucky's healing)

Amy V.
Our dog, Jasper, is a very high-strung, anxious dog, or I should say he was. Jasper has had several sessions with Judith and his whole demeanor changed. If we would leave for a weekend trip, we had our neighbors take care of him. They would come over and he would be scared of them and would not eat. This past weekend we went away and the neighbor said he did GREAT! He ate and was not frightened or anxious when they came to care for him. We are so blessed to have found Judith to help Jasper. She has been a true God-send for us and him.

Jasper was always frightened to be in the car, but liked to go for rides. We would start going and he would shake and whine. We hated to take him to pet store or vet as it was NOT a good experience for either of us. After having multiple sessions with Judith, we tested the waters and drove around the neighborhood. He seemed not to shake and whined maybe once. We decided to take the plunge and go on a long distance trip. I’m talking 19 hours long each way! Our dog who was so anxious in the car rode the entire way like a champ!! He didn’t shake or whine once! We can’t thank Judith enough for helping our boy overcome his fears and anxiety riding in the car. Thank you just isn’t enough. She is amazing and I will be recommending her to everyone I know.

I came to Judith for an energy healing and what I got was an incredible experience. I could feel God’s Love shining through her and felt true Inner Peace. 

After my great personal results with Judith, I requested she do remote sessions on my dog Blair. She is now calmer and less anxious. We continue to receive regular remote sessions to improve behavior. 
Chris B.
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